Goal: Have Hayhurst students exercise during Recess, PE & Afterschool.

How? By creating a marked 0.4 mile Cross Country (XC) running/walking path with challenge goals to run a 5k.

Phase I (2021)  

  • Create a walking/running path marked with field chalk 6 feet off the fence/hill
  • Create signs about the benefits of being active and the distance of path 
  • Clean up the perimeter of blackberry & prune low branches of Leyland Cypress.
  • Line small soccer fields 

Who is doing this? Hayhurst PTA and Community Volunteers & PPS

Cost: $200  Field Chalk, and spreader & Portland Public Schools yard debris dumpster

How you can help: Volunteer to clean up the fence line or donate money or tools to buy field Chalk. Tax-deductible donations can be given at http://www.hayhurstpta.org/support/

Timeline: Approval – April 2021 (phase 1 approved). Work Day – May 2021.