Registration for Winter Garden Club will open on December 1st (link will be shared just prior). Angie, our fabulous garden educator will be back with a new set of fun weekly lessons.

Hayhurst Garden Club is an after school program for students. Come grow with us as we explore the Hayhurst Unity Garden and nature space through planting, harvesting, ecology, arts, storytelling and other magical adventures. This is an outdoor club that runs in seasonal sessions (Autumn, Winter, Spring). There will be an indoor option for severe weather and for Winter session. 

There is room for 12 students per day. A wait list will sometimes generate into an additional day depending on the educators availability.

The Details
 grades K-5th
When:  Winter – Jan. 7 -March 20
Scheduling: Indoor/Outdoor lessons weather permitting;
>>> Tuesday: Kindergarten -1st grade, 2:15-4:30 PM;
>>> Thursday: 2nd – 5th grade, 2:15-4:30 PM; 
Each group will meet one day per week. Spring: March 30 – May 29
Program Fees: $25 per session, total season cost is based on number of school days in that season per PPS calendar. Winter: 11 Week Season – $275

For more info, please contact Nadya Burchette.

Registration form comes out close to registration opening date.