One more reminder to pay the $30 per student for school supplies.  

The PTA has already purchased over $5000 in school supplies this year to put in classrooms.  We will need more throughout the year to keep the teachers supplied. 

If you are financially able to contribute, please remember to put a check or cash in the office or send it with your child in their backpacks labelled PTA school supplies. If you would rather use Paypal, please click donate on the link below.  It is the general Paypal for all of PTA and where we would like to put the donation. While you are there consider a recurring donation to help support all of the other things that the PTA does for your kids and their teachers.  

The teachers have been so thrilled to have things in the classroom and organized before the first day of school. You all helped make that happen!!!!

Donate to Support the PTA