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Hayhurst Spirit week 2021

February 8, 2021 February 12, 2021

Flier Hayhurst Spirit Week

[Update 02/09/2021: we’re planning to extend spirit week to next week. Specifically, with the forecast of snow this week, we may postpone/repeat Friday’s Hayhurst Husky “Bark” Day next week. Stay tuned!]

Let’s have some fun! Join your Hayhurst Husky community by participating in Spirit Week!

Monday: Silly Hair/Hat Day
Wake up with bed head? Leave it be, make it sillier, or top it off with your most outrageous hat!

Tuesday: Twin Day
Reach out to a friend or join forces with a family member and coordinate your outfits to dress alike. Can you trick your teacher to think you are your friend?

Wednesday: Sports Team Day
Go Blazers! Go Ducks! Go Beavers! Put on your favorite team’s gear and cheer on your team!

Thursday: Superhero Thank You Day
First, dress up as your favorite superhero or create your own.
Second, think about someone who is a superhero to you. Maybe a teacher has gone out of their way to help you? Maybe a parent does special things for you? Maybe a neighbor is a frontline healthcare worker?
Third, write a note, type an email, or make a phone call and thank those special people who support and care for you.
Be your own superhero and thank another superhero all on the same day!

Friday: Hayhurst Husky “Bark” Day
Wear your Hayhurst husky shirt, hat, or navy (school colors) apparel and get outside to show it off.
Specifically, take a walk, ride your bike, or scoot around your neighborhood between 2-4pm. If you see another person in Hayhurst gear, shout out your best “Bark Bark!”
Let’s see if we can make a scene of Hayhurst Huskies barking all over the place! Just be sure to wear your mask and stick to social distancing measures. Don’t be shy, get out there, show your Husky spirit and Bark!