This year due to COVID-19 we were limited in our fundraising opportunities. Since we rely on this year’s fundraising to fuel next year’s budget, we are creating opportunities for the community to support Hayhurst.

In addition to our Hanging Baskets Fundraiser that is running through April 5th, in April/May, we’ll have our remote Run for Hayhurst which will be a fun opportunity to get your friends and family involved in fundraising for the school while Hayhurst families will get to walk, bike or run for the school. Stay tuned for details!

Plus, you can always support our school and PTA – check out this page on our website for more ways to help. Use the PayPal/credit card link for a quick donation (direct giving, which can be monthly), plus, a list of ways to support the school including Amazon Smile, Scrip, and cans/bottles drop-off. Did you use to get popcorn on Popcorn Friday? Donate what you would have paid for Popcorn Fridays all year (if your child purchased popcorn on every Popcorn Friday of the year the total would be roughly $25).

Want to get involved? Please email our PTA president, Kirsten Carr.