Over the last few weeks, fifth-graders who attend the Google Meets art classes were given the opportunity to submit work for the Portland Art Museum. Students were given specific supplies with which to create a “Postcard to the Earth.” The project coincides with the Ansel Adams photography exhibit open now until August 1st and the Heart Of Portland show.  Although I was only meant to select 10 artists’ work, I asked for permission to select more because the artwork was SO OUTSTANDING.

In total, 24 students will have their Postcards on display until June 30th.

Congratulations to Ozzie, Rosa, Charlotte, Hazel, Charlie, Lucy, Colton, Kellan, Emmett, Nicolas, Kaili, Gabby, Desmond, Margo, Torin, Kieran, Ruby, Marena, Ellie, Talulla, Seamus, Gabriel, Mason, and Maggie. Please note that every student who turned in a postcard is greatly appreciated by me.