Hayhurst PTA and Foothills Soccer Club have committed to over half of the cost to revitalize Hayhurst Fields, now we need your support to make it happen.

With your help Pacific Sports Turf will aerate, fertilize and adjust the pH of the two soccer fields. Hayhurst PTA will also add two smaller fields and goals to encourage students to play, run and exercise during lunch and recess.

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Tax-deductible donations can be given here.


Please email Karl Dawson, Parent of 5th, 3rd and Kindergarten students.

Fundraising Deadline – March 21, 2020
Work to be done – April 2020


  • $630 – aeration – for drainage and grass health
  • $376 – 600 pounds controlled release fertilizer (21-4-21)
  • $962 – 2500 pounds of pelletized lime.
  • $175 – four 6 foot x 3 foot PVC Goals
  • $75 – line fields

$2218 – TOTAL