Do you have any Mo Willems books in good condition that you don’t want any more?

Hayhurst kids LOVE Mo Willems books (Elephant & Piggie, Don’t Let the Pigeon…do anything really, Knuffle Bunny)!  In fact, they love them SO MUCH that our library collection is looking downright shabby.

Before I spend some of our library budget refreshing our Mo Willems collection I thought some our families might be ready to donate books that they’ve outgrown.

If you have any Mo Willems books in good condition that you don’t want any more, please consider helping our library budget stretch by dropping them off in the blue book return outside the library or in the office (or stop by the library and say hi).

Thank you for your support of the Hayhurst Library!

OBOB Final is Tomorrow Friday, 2/23 at 1:00 PM

On Friday, 2/23 at 1:00 p.m. in the cafeteria we’ll be cheering on our two final teams (Darth Readers and Book Bunnies) in a battle to represent Hayhurst at the Regional Tournament on Saturday, 3/10.

All 35+ kids who participated in OBOB this year worked hard (and had fun) so all teams and team coaches are invited to a celebration in the library following the final battle on Friday, 2/23.  Hayhurst celebrates reading!

Thank you!

Laura Jones
Hayhurst Library