We are very excited to launch the Let’s Get Reading Program at Hayhurst! Families can now pick up bags of library books from the school. We will start with families with last names starting with M-Z on 12/9 followed by families with last names starting with A-L on 12/16.

Here’s everything you need to know:

When: Wednesdays 2pm-4pm. 12/9 – Last names M-Z; 12/16 – Last names A-L

Where: Front door of Hayhurst. 

What: A bag of 7-10 library books for your child’s reading level.

How: Pull up to the front door of the school (the driveway will be open at both ends. One way drive-thru — look for “Enter” and “Exit” signs). One person comes up to the table and tells Ms. Jones the names of the student(s) you are picking up books for and their teacher’s name. PLEASE WEAR A MASK!

Ms. Jones will give you a bag(s) of library books and record the bag number under your child’s name to take home.


What if you still have last year’s books from the Hayhurst Library? Please return them when you pick up a bag of books so we check them out for other students, but if you forget them or can’t find them all, that’s OK! You can still get a bag of books.

Can I request specific books or types of books for my child? At this time we are unable to accommodate special requests. Each bag will contain a mix of fiction and non-fiction and we hope your child will find some old favorites or discover new ones.

For other questions please see the Let’s Get Reading section of the Hayhurst Library website: https://www.pps.net/domain/1953

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The Library Ladies