Welcome to the Passport Club!

Passport Club (PC) is awesome! A new program on campus, PC offers your student the opportunity to study the world, learn about continents, countries, oceans, mountain ranges, landmarks and geographic terminology. Remember the Prime Meridian? No, Passport Club can help!

What’s Cool about the Passport Club:

  • Studying Geography is Fun
  • Easy to Study with Your Student
  • Encourages a World View
  • Can Help Initiate Discussions on Global Topics
  • 24-7 Online Access for Resources:


Q: Does my student need to sign up for Passport Club? Is there a fee?
A: No sign up necessary. No fee. Anyone can participate.

Q: What does my student do to participate?
A: Maps are available in classrooms, office and online.
Front = labeled map for quizzing
Back = blank map for labeling
Example: Month 1 = study and learn the continents

Q: What is the appropriate level for my student?
A: K-1 are targeting Level 1, and each grade beyond can target the level that equals their grade (e.g., Level 4 = 4th grade)

Q: My student has spent time studying. Now what?
A: Students have an opportunity to show what they know the last Thursday and Friday of each month. Volunteer Passport Club checkers will ask students questions on the level studied and stamp their passport