The Hayhurst Library is done being renovated – woohoo!! The Library Ladies (Ms. C and Ms. Jones) are working hard to get it up and running to start our curbside checkout program called, Let’s Get Reading! 

A quick overview of the program is below and the complete details are in this PDF, plus on the newly redesigned Hayhurst Library website.

WHO: You and the Library Ladies!
WHAT: A curbside checkout program to distribute Hayhurst Library books to students K-5.
WHEN: Every Wednesday from 2:00-4:00 starting December 2nd.
WHERE: Hayhurst School’s front entrance in the drive-thru area. Please stay in your car until you reach the front of the line and have one person (wearing a mask!) get out and come to the front doors.
WHY: Because we all need stories, imaginative adventure, and facts in our lives more than ever!

HOW: Bags will be premade by the Library Ladies with 10 books and are a mix of genres. They are available for all K-5 students and come in three different colors (green, orange or yellow) so we can get just-right books for you. You may find some old favorites or a new discovery that you fall in love with! ***5th Grade ONLY will have the option to request up to 5 specific books using an online request form. The Library Ladies will do their best with what is currently available to fill their requests. The other 5 books will be a mix of genres and topics. Parent email addresses will be required in the form for approval and contact.***

Questions? Please contact Laura Jones at the Hayhurst Library