We are in need of a new Sustainability Lead. The position is currently filled by Amy Odman.

If we don’t find someone to fill the position, the program won’t happen starting next year.

Position Description & Time Commitment

  • Find, train and coordinate volunteers for breakfast and lunch recycling. (If fully covered by volunteers almost no time at all)
  • Recycle items collected during lunch and breakfast such a plastic bags and plastic containers. (1 hr/week).
  • Compile a list of student names who have volunteered 5 times and let them pick out a prize. (1 hour a month or every 2 months).
  • Organize and lead end of the school clean out. (20-80 hrs at the end of school, depending on amount of help)
  • Collect, package and ship Terracycle recycleables. (30 min/week)

Is this position right for you, please contact Amy Odman