Some details about the upcoming OBOB:

  • The deadline for turning in your OBOB sign-up forms is fast approaching (10/26), but if you need more time to get your team together or find a coach let Ms. Aalto or Ms. Jones know.
  • If you are looking for a team or need more members to fill a team (4-5 members per team) check with Ms. Jones and she can help you connect with other OBOBers.
  • The library will be available for team practices on Mondays from 2:15pm-3:15pm.  Our first meeting will be Monday, 11/6 when we’ll go over rules and procedures.  Please note these meetings are optional – teams can meet with their coach any place or time of their choosing.
  • The dates for school battles will be set once we know how many teams will be in competition and when the Regional battle will take place.  School battles will likely begin at the beginning of February, but we will communicate the exact dates with teams as soon as we set them.
  • Most importantly – get reading!
  • Any questions about OBOB?
    Contact Ms. Jones or Ms. Aalto.