Scrip orders are due Monday, Nov 5th – and we challenge you to try it out!
Special Bonuses: Baja Fresh 15% through November, Columbia Employee Store Passes with each $50 card (exp Jan’19)
Hayhurst earns $donations from Scrip Vendors when YOU buy scrip. We challenge you to get the scrip habit.
As a long time participant said: “We just earned $24 for Hayhurst by doing, well, nothing”

The Challenge

Purchase Scrip in 3 of the next 4 orders–November 5, November 26, December 10, January 7–and you will be entered to win a fabulous Prize!
4 Prizes awarded at random, you could win:
$5 Starbucks   $10 Thinker Toys   $25 Food Front   $50 Fred Meyer
Make SCRIP Your Habit

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