Last week in art class we started a special project for the Heart of Portland Show at the Portland Art Museum. Every year a show is put on to thank the voters for supporting the Art Tax.

The reception and opening of the show is April 16th. It is a night filled with art, dance and musical performances from schools throughout the district. The whole family is invited and especially the artists that will be showcased that evening.

Please note:¬†Only¬†Mrs. Bokoske’s 5th-grade class was invited to do the project since I am asked to do the specific activities with one class at each school.

In addition to the group project, I am asked to select one student whose artwork has stood out over the years. There are so many talented artists at Hayhurst, this is a very difficult decision. This year Aissa Bolin in Mrs. Lane’s class will have her Basquiat style painting on display at the Heart of Portland Show to represent all the great artist at Hayhurst. Congratulations Aissa!

Currently at the Portland Art Museum is a special exhibit called The Map is Not the Territory. The exhibit is part of a triennial series featuring regional artists exploring place and boundaries. I invite you to visit the exhibit with your student if you get a chance.

Before creating our own art, I asked the students to consider the idea of belonging, identity, boundaries, connection to the land, and kinship. How are people and places connected? What does belonging mean to you? What makes you feel part of the community?

Each of the students was given a cloth in the shape of a rectangle to use for their creation. After sketching them on paper with the idea of belonging and community in mind, they transferred their design to cloth. Students had a choice of different mediums to use. The flags will all be on display during the Heart of Portland show which lasts about 3 weeks.

Please remember the Art Show is coming up on April 18th! I need musicians for the evening and helpers to hang art.

Thank you!

Mrs. Debi Crawford