Small amount of trash generated from the lunch program for the entire school

Did you know you can bring in your used granola bar wrappers and we get money? Did you know that Hayhurst throws away only one bag of trash on average per meal after serving over 300 kids?

The incredibly low cost of oil has not encouraged growth in the recycling market. Hayhurst is one of five schools rinsing and recycling milk cartons for curbside recycling.  Those cartons and aseptic drink boxes travel to Asia to become toilet paper, all the plastic we recycle eventually returns to China. Consider recycled products when heading to the checkout aisle, which in turn creates demand.

Drop These Items at the School –> $$$ for Hayhurst

drop of any of the items below to support the school. This program makes hundreds of dollars for our school every year.

Dental Hygiene (ALL BRANDS)

  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste tubes (empty)
  • Floss containers (not floss)

Brita items

  • Including packaging

Energy/Granola/Cereal Bars

  • Must be foiled lined

Drop off Bottles & Cans at Garden Home Thriftway

drop off your bottles and cans in the Hayhurst bin at Garden Home Thriftway to support the school.


Volunteering for lunch takes about 60-90 minutes.  Shorter for breakfast.