Hayhurst Run for Technology 2019

We love technology at Hayhurst and we believe our children need a technology curriculum and up to date learning tools in this day of age. SO, we’ve had our first Run for Technology fundraiser to raise money to enhance the technology curriculum at our school on Friday, October 25th.

As computer literacy will be the key job skill for these kids, their ability to learn more than touch screens will be key. Through guided engineering and research projects, they will lead the future job force.

The Kids Ran Over 3,400 Laps

The kids were so excited, they ran a little over 3,400 laps and exceeded our expectations. If you pledged to add to your donation if the kids ran more than 3,000/3,200 laps, they did!

We Raised over $16,000

We had amazing response from Hayhurst parents and community. The money we raised this year will be used to update our Chromebooks inventory, bring in visiting demonstrations, and offer teacher support for technology instruction.


Every student received a T-shirt! Suggested donation per T-shirts was $15. Thank you for helping cover the cost of all the t-shirts so every kid in the school could feel included.

The plan going forward is to have parents/guardians complete the t-shirt size form with their registration packet.

Prizes & Sponsors!

Top runners in each class received a prize of $5 gift certificate to Sunny’s Legendary Frozen Yogurt which were donated by Sunny’s. Feel free to thank Sunny’s for their generous sponsorship!

Our top earning grade this year were the 1st graders with the kindergartners not too far behind, so both grades are getting a Popsicle Dance Party!

We also have individual prizes for top earners – sponsored by Thinker Toys.

The Starbucks in Multnomah Village has donated coffee for volunteers on the day of the run.

Thank you to all our sponsors!!!

Getting Ready for Next Year

We already have a lead for the 2020 Run for Technology. But we could use more volunteers and sponsors. If you’d like to volunteer or know businesses that might be interested in sponsoring the run or programs that can donate or offer resources, please contact our PTA president.

Thank you for supporting our school’s technology programs.