The Run for Hayhurst was a big success. Kids, staff, and volunteers braved the rain and had fun while helping to raise funds to support our community. Over $16,000 was raised – dollars that go to support teachers, classrooms, fun events, and more. Thanks to our runners for their hard work, and for all who supported them.

Congratulations, 3rd Grade!

The 3rd graders won the fundraising race collecting $3,088.50 collectively. The 5th, 2nd and 4th grader each collected $2,700-$2,800! All four grades will have special Fun Fridays with Coach Winkler! Thank you coach!!!

Please congratulate your kiddos for their effort. So many of them have reached out to their community to sponsor them.

Thank You Sponsors

Thanks also to our sponsors and specifically to:

  • Thank you, Alpenrose Dairy for providing chocolate milk for all Hayhurst runners on the day of the run as well as donating $100 per grade for reaching their grade goal and $500 to if the kids make the schoolwide goal of running 3,400 laps or more! The kids reached all our goals – GO HUSKIES!
  • Thank you, Dairy Hill Ice Cream at Hillsdale for our participation prize – a voucher for free ice cream scoop for all Run for Hayhurst runners as well as providing ice cream vouchers to award top runners per class. Vouchers coming home soon!
  • We also want to thank Sunny’s Legendary Frozen Yogurt and The Village Ice Cream Factory for providing ice cream vouchers to award top runners per class, and Starbucks in Multnomah Village for providing coffee for our run volunteers.