Hayhurst Unity Garden

Inspiring curiosity, creativity, and love of learning through nature.


About the Garden

Location: The Hayhurst Unity Garden is located on the grounds of Hayhurst Elementary School, in the open space between the two wings of the school building. It encompasses the planting garden (west side zone) and the native plant zones, also known as the “Courtyard”.

The garden provides an outdoor learning environment for K-5 students of Hayhurst Elementary School and the surrounding community. It ismanaged by the Garden Council in partnership with teachers, community volunteers and organizations, and the Hayhurst Parent Teacher Association.   This kid-friendly garden space presents opportunities for students (and other visitors!) to learn a broad range of subjects — science to math, art to reading/writing, nutrition and health — and nurture the whole child: body, mind and heart. It also aims to showcase for students, parents, staff and the broader community the beauty and resilience of native plant species that thrive in our unique climate and contribute to the biodiversity of our neighborhood ecosystem.
The History of the Garden
What (or who!) is in the garden now?
Team Members
  • Mike Patterson: Garden Coordinator
  • Nadya Burchette: Garden Education
  • Rachel Dvorsky; Garden Education
  • Sue Van Loon: Courtyard Manager
  • Cassie Boisvert: Community Outreach
  • Lyrik Pitzman: Garden to Kitchen
  • Emma Darden: Work Party Organizer
  • Joel Miller: Wine Barrel Planters