Thank You for Supporting the Hayhurst PTA

Donate to help us support our students, teachers, staff, and community! You can now donate to the PTA by credit card either as a one-time payment or as a recurring, monthly donation. Thanks again for your help, it all adds up.

Make a One-Time Donation

Find the suggested donation for PTA sponsored school supplies, field trips, events, enrichment programs, and more. Donate the suggested amount or as much as you can. You don’t have to be a parent/guardian to donate.

Set Up a Monthly Donation

If you’d like to make a recurring monthly donation instead of, or in addition to, the single payment option, use this option. It only takes a few click.

Featured Fundraiser: I 💙 My Hayhurst Huskies Campaign


The PTA provides all school supplies for all Hayhurst students. These supplies are waiting for the kids on their first day of school and are kept stocked throughout the year. The PTA also pays for field trips for all, for classroom enrichment, for the Food Bags program, and more. We invite parents/guardians to donate to help cover these costs.

The PTA expense per student in 2021-22 is about $170. School supplies alone cost about $25 per student for the year. You can donate as little as $10 and as high as however much you want. Please keep in mind that not all Hayhurst families can donate, especially in these trying times.

If for your household the P-EBT card that was mailed to your students over the summer offers extra funds, consider donating some of these funds to the PTA.

The Very General Broad Terms Plan

Our Main Fundraising Events & Activities


Annual Direct Give

Calling all Hayhurst parents/guardians to support the PTA with an annual donation to cover the cost of supplies and more.

More Info

The PTA provides all school supplies for all Hayhurst students. The PTA also pays for field trips for all, for classroom enrichment, for the Food Bags program, and more. If you’re able, please donate to support the PTA. Minimum suggested donation covers supplies per student per year.

Click for details and to donate.


Run for Hayhurst

Students run and collect sponsorships donations from friends, family and community members.

More Info

In some years the run has a specific goal. In others we raise funds for the general PTA budget. 

Click for details and to donate when open.


Poinsettia Fundraiser

Order your poinsettias to support Hayhurst. A percentage of every purchase goes to the PTA.

More Info

In spring 2021 Hayhurst Elementary PTA held its 1st Annual Hanging Basket Fundraiser. Now we’re trying poinsettias.

Check back later for details.


Online Auction

We can’t have a live auction, but an online one we can. Find great deals on donated items and support the PTA.

Details to be announced


Flower Basket Fundraiser

Get a flower basket just in time for spring. A percentage of each purchase goes to the PTA.

Details to be announced


Restaurant Events

Fun events at local restaurants where a percentage of sales event goes back to our school.

More Info

Event details are announced in the PTA newsletter, click to subscribe.

Pick a Fundraiser That Works for You

While we try to limit the number of fundraising activities we take on every year, we do have quite a few. That’s because we’re catering to the needs of different community members. And, since we’re not a “rich school”—In fact, we have quite a few families that need our support—we have to allow more people to participate in fundraising.

We know that some of us would rather set up a donation once a year and then forget about all the runs, sales, and whatever else we have going on. If that’s you, head over to our annual donation form, and set up your donation now. Then, when you know you’ve done your share, ignore additional calls for support that don’t fit you. They’re there for somebody else.

If, on the other hand, you can only manage so much at the beginning of the year, say cover school supplies, or maybe school supplies and field trips, we get it! Donate as much as you can through direct give, and keep an eye out for future fundraisers to see if you can help some more.

If Direct Give Isn’t for You, Consider These Options

Help the school and the PTA while getting stuff you’d get anyway

like when you buy books at the book fairs or flowers at the flower sales, get dinner at a restaurant night, buy holiday gifts and other items at the auction. Plus, there’s AmazonSmile and Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards where you really just need to sign up.

Take part in fundraisers that bring our community together

Like the restaurant nights, when we do them live, and the runs, in a way, especially for those volunteering and cheering. Plus, before all this Covid stuff, the live auction used to bring many of us together without kids to distract us, maybe we’ll get to do that again at some point.

Get your family, friends, and neighbors to support the PTA

Getting people to sponsor your student for the runs is one way. Inviting family, friends, and neighbors to buy flowers at our flower sales is another. $50 collected from five people is still $50 that the PTA wouldn’t have had if you or your kiddos haven’t gone around to get people to donate.

Beyond Fundraisers

More Ways to Support the PTA

There are more ways to collect funds or help collect funds for the PTA and its programs.

Corporate Match

Does your employer have a corporate matching program? Ask them to match your donation to the PTA. Hayhurst PTA is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

Click to learn more.

Recycle to Support the School

Our Food Bags Program appreciates all bottle and can drops and can always use more.

Click to learn more.


AmazonSmile is a way to support the Hayhurst PTA every time you shop with Amazon, at no additional cost. Choose Hayhurst PTA as your charity and shop at

Click to learn more.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Hayhurst PTA receives donations based on the shopping you do at Fred Meyer, at no added cost to you. Start by linking your Shopper’s Card to Hayhurst Elementary PTA (GA710).

Click to learn more.

Hayhurst Library Book Fairs

The library organizes book fairs (usually, one in the fall and another in spring) to collect funds for books. Support the library with your purchases and by volunteering (when in-person book fairs are available).

We Could Use Your Help

Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for volunteers to help carry the fundraising effort at Hayhurst. There are so many great ideas and initiatives, but we’re all busy with everything else. The more people show up to help the less work falls on each of us. We’ve done so much for our school community over the years, it’s been fun. Get in touch to see how you can help.



Re: Hayhurst PTA Fundraising


Coming Soon: Run for Hayhurst 2021

Coming Soon: Run for Hayhurst 2021

Starting May 1st and throughout the month of May, we’ll be hosting our first Run for Hayhurst. So, get ready for an outdoors month and a fun opportunity to support our school. By now, all Hayhurst students have had the opportunity to collect a Hayhurst water bottle...