Weekend Food Bags for Kids is Now Through Meals 4 Kids

We are thrilled to announce that our Weekly Food Bags program will now be provided through Meals 4 Kids.

The delivery system is free and includes protein, dairy, fresh produce and is delivered to your door once a week. Families can sign up by going to the link below and filling out the Meals 4 Kids request form.

They will need to put in “Backpack Program” under the Requestor Information field.

About Meals for Kids

  • They provide weekly milk, bread and fresh fruit
  • Pre-made meals to heat in microwave or oven
  • Vegetarian meals are available, as well as a variety of meats
  • Raw food program for people who have dietary needs. Basic supplies are provided and they would cook themselves
  • Everyone in household get meals – up to two adults and all children
  • Meals can be provided for one day/week up to seven days/week depending on need
  • After signing up, they would receive a call within a week. They will answer a series of questions to determine eligibility. After determining eligibility meals would likely start within a week. So we are likely looking at meals being received starting in about two weeks after sign up.

Income Qualification Guidelines

Here are the income qualification guidelines. They do not gather documentation but do ask about income level and number of people in household. Exceptions can be made for families experiencing the following:

Chronic condition or illness of caregiver or child
Lack of facility to prepare meals
Lack of ability and/or transportation to access food resources such as food pantries
Other barriers impacting access to food resources and/or ability to prepare meals

Please check on Meals for Kids website for the most recent information.

185% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (As of October, 2021)

Family SizeAnnual
Each Add’l$8,399
185% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (As of October, 2021)


If you need additional assistance enrolling please email foodbags@hayhurstpta.org.