By now you probably know that the closure of all public schools in Oregon was extended through April 28th, with classes planned to re-open on April 29 (for now), and that we’ve all been asked to practice social distancing and also to wash our hands.

With that, a lot of info is being shared on the school’s Facebook Group. So, this is my attempt at collecting that info in one place for those who are not on Facebook. I added a few more resources and if you’d like me to add/correct something, please email me.

Thanks and take good care,

Hayhurst Cancellations

Due to the closure:

  • Hayhurst Chess club and chess state championships have been cancelled for the year.
  • After-school programs have been cancelled till further notice.
  • The multicultural fair has been cancelled.
  • The auction has been postponed for now.

General Coronavirus Info

  • PPS: Coronavirus updates and resources for Portland Public Schools. Details include getting meals while school is out. Check it out here.
  • OHA: COVID-19 Updates from Oregon Health Authority. Check it out here.
  • WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public from World Health Organization. Check it out here.
  • Washington Post’s simulations on social distancing. Check it out here.
  • Coronavirus in Portland: How You Can Help Those Who Are Struggling from Portland Mercury. Check it out here.

Talking to Kids About Coronavirus

  • A PDF booklet to download: Resource for talking to young kids about the Coronavirus. It’s a children story and activity booklet (PDF download). Check it out here.
  • From Brainpop (available without an account): Teaching kids about the coronavirus from BrainPop. Check out the free video lesson and lesson plan.
  • From NPR: Coronavirus for Kids Comic. Check it out here.

Parenting Tips for Closure Time

  • Remember the spirit of and importance of the school closures is to not allow children to have contact with other children thereby limiting the chances of being vectors of germ spread. Play dates should be outside on bikes ( not the playground) or non contact outdoor sports. Read more here.
  • Tips for the stay at home family. Check it out here.

Educational Resources for Kids

  • PPS Student Portal: PPS student portal has been updated to include links for educational ideas for keeping learning going at home. Check it out here.
  • Common Sense Media: Ideas for activities to help kids manage stress and stay active during this closure. Common Sense Media is a PPS-recommended resource for digital literacy and citizenship topics, activities, reviews, and lessons. Check it out here.
  • Brainpop: is now free via their website. We used to have it through the PTA, but since PPS was setting up access to it for all PPS students, we did not renew this year. Thankfully, Brainpop is available to all for free via their website as long as the school closure is in place.
  • Dreambox: while normally subscription only, has offered a 90 free trial to help out. You can sign up on their website (app works on tablets or in your browser), and you don’t need a district subscription to do it. Check it out here.
  • BSD: BSD team put together remote learning plan (with hands on/analog and virtual components). Check it out here.
  • List: possible resources to help kids keep learning during the closure. Several of these like BrainPop, Epic!, Newsela, MobyMax, and Khan Academy should be familiar to many students. Check it out here.
  • List and a Facebook group: List of free online educational resources. Check it out here. There are lots more resources if you join the Amazing Educational Resources Facebook group.
  • List: Another resource page from National Geographic. Check it out here.
  • List: ESD Continuous Learning via Evergreen School District. Includes resources and videos for talking to Children about COVID-19. Check it out here.
  • Typing Club: Learn touch typing for free. Check it out here.

Note that some of the resources here require info to access, check out Facebook group, contact your teacher, or explore the PPS Student Portal.

Other Fun Stuff

Setting Up Video Meetings

Kids still need social interaction. If you’d like to easily set up group video call, try Zoom.

You only need one semi-technical person in the group to make it work. So, someone sets it up, sends the link to the group, and everyone else just needs to join the meeting by clicking the meeting link which can be emailed or texted. I promise, joining is SUPER easy, setting it up is regular easy.

Zoom is free for one-on-one meetings and for group meeting of up to 40 minutes.

When someone sets up the meeting they will email you the details and all you need to do is click the link (see image below). To use Zoom on tablets and mobiles you do need an app, but it’s still super easy to use.

Joining a Zoom meeting from an email or link

There’s also Skype, Facetime, Hangouts and so many more.

Free MOOC Programs

  • Coursera: online courses from universities and companies all over the world. Arts, math, science, and waaay more. Check it out here.
  • EdX: Online courses from 140 institutions. Founded by Harvard and MIT. Check it out here.

Chess Tournaments

The first Hayhurst LiChess Arena drew 25 participants. Congrats to the winners! We’ll have another tournament on Friday, March 20th, 6-8 PM. Details here.

Thank you, Chad for organizing this!

Help Others In Our Community

Thank you to everyone reaching out to help others in the community!

Here’s info re: helping families in need during this hard times.

Info from Rachel Dvorsky

Volunteering slots at Atlas childcare in SW for impacted families.

Atlas Academy

Need to Borrow a Computer for Your PPS Student? Fill Out This Form!

As the coronavirus situation continues to develop, we are looking at a number of ways to deliver the best possible experiences for students during the extended break, and we want to make sure all of our students can remain connected to their peers, teachers, and schools and have regular access to learning opportunities and curriculum materials.

To ensure access for all PPS students, we have created the form below for you to fill out if your student or students need to borrow a mobile device from PPS. Please complete this form for each student that would need a device (for example, a computer or tablet).

PPS Student Computer Request Form