On Thursday, October 24th, a group of motivated parents met discuss ways parents can help with making sure that issues of inequality and social justice are addressed.

Identified priorities:

  • Student Support
  • Accountability
  • Building a responsive and supportive community

We hope to work with our middle and high school initiatives as well, but are still in information gathering phase of figuring out what that looks like.  

Next steps/Call to action:

  • We need to identify action items we could accomplish remembering that curriculum is difficult to roll out.
  • We would like to start discussions by creating book bags to travel to each home in the school.  These books would have important topics of recognizing and honoring differences.  We are asking interested parents to bring a book idea/s representing a marginalized child/group appropriate for children in our school.  We will try to develop a few family discussion questions appropriate for each level and then give book bags to the teachers that can travel home with kids to start /continue important conversations at home.
  • We will continue the conversation with teachers and the principal to find out what actions are being made towards building a curriculum that addresses race disparity and social justice ideas.  There is a teacher committee for equity and our school has been offered resources for expanding our restorative justice interventions. More details to come. 
  • Next meeting November 14th at 7 PM in Hayhurst library