Run for Hayhurst

Run for Hayhurst is BACK and will be held on the morning of Friday, October 20, 2023. Sponsorship donations accepted till November 9th.

Kids Run & Collect Sponsorship Donations from the Community

The Run for Hayhurst fundraiser is fun for the kids and offers an opportunity for the community to support our school, so get your kiddos excited about running and have them call on your family, friends, and neighbors for support.

Funds collected go towards enrichment opportunities for students and teachers, supplies, special events, and more!

This year’s fundraising goal is $15,000.

(image last updated 10/19, 8pm. $8,357!)

Run Time & Prep

The run is scheduled for Friday, October 20.

  • Grades K, 1 and 2 will start at 8:30am
  • Grades 3, 4 and 5 will start at 9:30am

The “Rain-Out” date is the following Friday, October 27.

Please remember to send your student’s water bottle on the day of the run and consider packing an extra snack. We will have snacks for them as well.

Each course will have a lap length of approximately ¼ mile and students will be limited to 30 minutes.

Anyone Can Sponsor – Now Through November 9!

Hayhurst students run for the school and we invite you to help collect donations on their behalf.

To donate online or to invite online donations, simply share this link to the online sponsorship form with anyone who wants to sponsor your runner and they can donate directly by credit card.

Can’t send the link? Tell them to go to or use the QR code.

A great way to collect and track sponsorships is to print out the sponsorship collection form (PDF), take it to neighbors, friends, and family, tell them about the run and invite them to sponsor runners either by check or credit card.

Use the form to track sponsorships and to submit check donations (see further details when you download the form). 


Thinker Toys and Dairy Hill have generously donated some fantastic prizes for our participants and top runners in each grade! If we reach our fundraising goal, the whole school gets a party!

Thank You Sponsors

Thank You, Thinker Toys!

We want to thank Thinker Toys in Multnomah Village for donating gifts for our top runners per grade!

Thank You, Dairy Hill Ice Cream!

We want to thank Dairy Hill Ice Cream at Hillsdale for offering a free ice cream scoop for all Run for Hayhurst runners as well as supplying Dairy Hill T-shirts to award top runners.

Thank You, Rocky Loring of The Reger Group!

We want to thank Rocky Loring of The Reger Group realty for supplying all-fruit frozen Otter Pops for our runners and volunteers on run day.

Call for Volunteers – Help & Join the Fun

Thank you! We need many hands to make this run work. Come to tally bracelets, hand out refreshments, cheer on the runners etc. Here is the form to volunteer! Or scan the QR code below.


We have a couple of online forms for the run:

  • To sponsor a runner and pay online by credit card or via PayPal, please use our online sponsorship form. You can direct friends and family to the form as well (they can get to that form by going to:
  • To collect sponsorship donations by check/s and to track sponsorships, please use this print sponsorship form (PDF). One form per runner. There’s room to collect 10 sponsors per form.


Please contact Coach Winkler or Fundraising Chair Julia Wells with questions/comments.