Run for Hayhurst 2021

Between May 1st and June 6th, 2021, we’re having our first Run for Hayhurst to raise money for our school and its community. With the challenges of COVID-19, the needs of our school community grew, while at the same time, we weren’t able to fundraise as we normally would. Now that we are planning for the next school year at Hayhurst, we could use your help!

Anyone Can Sponsor!

QR Code to donate online for Run for Hayhurst

Hayhurst students are going to run for the school and we invite you to help us collect donations.

Simply share this link to the online sponsorship form with anyone who wants to sponsor your runner and they can donate directly by credit card. You can also tell them to go to or use the QR code.

Sponsorship Collection Form Screenshot

A great way to collect sponsorships is to print out the sponsorship collection form (PDF), take it to neighbors, friends, and family, tell them about the run and invite them to sponsor runners either by check or credit card.

Use the form to track sponsorships and to submit check donations (see further details when you download the form. You can also use the form to donate by check.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 which will go towards school supplies, enrichment opportunities for students and teachers and more. We’re collecting donations till Sunday, June 6th, 2021.

It’s a Month Long Run!

With the new circumstances this year, we have a new way to run, which also allows walking, Jogging, running and even biking/skating. Find the details below.

Check out our promo video about the run from Coach Winkler, and please share it with your student!

Fun Times!

If your student missed Coach Winkler’s Pie in the Face moment from the Run for Hayhurst assembly, or if they just want to watch it again – here you go!

Gif of coach & pie in the face


There will be individual prizes for the top three runners per grade (Dairy Hill gift cards) and group prizes for the top earning grades (Kona Ice shaved ice), so make sure sponsors provide runner details when they donate.

The Kona Ice truck is scheduled to come on June 11th, 2021, 6:30-8:30 PM (updated date and time). The winning grade will receive one free shaved ice per student. Others are welcome to purchase shaved ice as well.

As participation prizes, all students received Hayhurst Elementary water bottles and string bags.

Run Details (Course Options)

Since we can’t have students running at the school, Coach Winkler has designated courses for them to run in. Kids can walk, Jog or run all courses and have the option to bicycle/scoot/skate Fanno Creek Trail. Students should record the miles they ran using this form. They can choose to submit the form every time they complete a course or they can submit multiple courses in one submission.

The last day to record miles is Sunday, June 6th, 2021.

Here are the course options available for the run:

Please contact Coach Winkler with questions/comments about these courses.


We have a couple of online forms and one print form:

  • To record the miles that your student ran, please use our online mileage recording form. You can use the form multiple times to record miles every time students run or you can record multiple runs by a single student in one submission.
  • To sponsor a runner and pay online by credit card or via PayPal, please use our online sponsorship form. You can direct friends and family to the form as well (they can get to that form by going to:
  • To collect sponsorship donations by check/s, please use this print sponsorship form (PDF). One form per runner. There’s room to collect 5 checks per form.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can volunteer to help collect and distribute prizes. Please contact Britney if interested.