Recycle to Support Hayhurst

New in 2018: Recycle for Food Bags with Bottle Deposit Returns

Did you know that our school provides weekend food bags for over 25 food insecure families in our school community each week? Friday mornings are the time to come help right after drop off in the cafetorium. Find out more here.

BUT there is yet another way you can help.

We are asking for your bottle deposit returns to help fund the food bags. You can drop off bags of Oregon Bottle Deposit cans and bottles (glass or plastic with the OR 10 cent mark on it) in the NE corner of the cafetorium at the PTA closet door; we will set up a bin there for your returns..

No lids. Please at least empty them of liquids.

We will turn this into money for the food bags, and because we buy our produce from Fred Meyer, your $0.10 becomes $0.12 of spendable money. If you want to become a frequent giver, contact Kirsten Carr so she can get you the green bags needed to streamline return.

With just a few bags of cans and bottles dropped off over the summer, we have already funded the first three weeks of food ($225). Imagine what we could do with an actual concerted ongoing effort!

We will use this system for return. I have the specific supplies needed so please bring the returnables to me directly. If you would like to help return bottles for the school, please let me know!

For more info/questions/supplies, please reach out to Kirsten Carr !

Thanks for helping make our community resources go farther!

Recycling for $$$ – Hayhurst Can Now Accept Any of the Following On Site

We receive some money for recycled items and money goes to support PTA activities. See collection points in the cafetorium.

Vitamin or supplement packaging including the bottles and caps. See link for further info: Supplement the Earth Recycling Program

Any Burt’s Bees product (brand specific). See link for further info: Burt’s Bees Recycle on Us

Any febreeze or other air freshener products. See link for further info: Febreze Air Care Recycling Program

All Bear Naked product (brand specific)

Brita brand products. See link for further info: Brita® Recycling Program

Dental products such as toothbrushes. empty toothpaste tubes, and floss containers. See link for further info: Colgate® Oral Care Recycling Program

Foil lined energy bars such as granola or cereal bars. See link for further info: Energy Bar Wrapper Recycling Program: Clif Bar®

Offsite: Lamb’s Thriftway Bottle Return

Drop your recyclable cans and bottles in the Hayhurst bin and your redemptions will be given directly to our school.