The Garden Committee is looking for a new Garden Coordinator and additional team members for the 2018/19 school year. If you or someone you know in the community has an interest in garden education, please contact Nadya Burchette.

Nadya Burchette has lead our school garden program for the last 3 years and is ready to step into a more supportive role as a garden team member. The Garden Committee would love your help in creating a more sustainable program.There are many ways to become involved and help care for our garden.

One of the most helpful ways is to become a team member and adopt or co-care for one of the aspects of our program. Please consider the following program aspects that you could adopt or manage for the year:

  • Garden Coordinator– Leadership and organization, monthly committee updates, seasonal all school updates, project updates as needed, flyers.
  • Courtyard Manager– care for space, maintenance schedule, projects as needed
  • Garden Manager– ¬†care for area, support garden club, garden beds, manage projects as needed
  • Wine Barrel Planters– plant and maintain seasonally
  • Garden Work Party Lead – organize/lead seasonal work parties as needed
  • Garden Education- participate in organizing lessons/teacher relations
  • Signage– create and maintain garden and courtyard signs and markers
  • Website– create, manage and update a garden committee website
  • Community Outreach– be a connector with school community, neighborhood assoc, local businesses, community gardens etc to promote volunteerism and program exposure
  • Nature Play Zone– maintain materials for nature play in the courtyard
  • Composting- maintain a healthy cycle in the black Metro composter in garden
  • Garden to Kitchen– help get garden produce into lunch rotation
  • Garden tastings– organize and execute tasting events during lunch time
  • Garden Art– help incorporate more student made garden art, murals, etc.

Another way to help out is to participate in one of our upcoming work parties. These events are held seasonally as there are maintenance / projects to complete. Children are welcome, snacks are provided and we get to gather as community in action.

Please Join us on Saturday 4/21 9:00 am Р12:00 pm for our Spring Community Care Day  

We will have a variety of jobs for all ages and sizes. Bring gloves, weeding tools/buckets, wheel barrels, shovels and bow rakes (rigid).

If you have any questions, please contact Nadya Burchette.