As you may or may not know we have a number of families in the Hayhurst community who are food insecure. With thanks to Take Action, Fred Meyer, Hayhurst PTA, Odyssey PTA and Ainsworth PTA for their generous donations we are able to provide weekly bags of food to Hayhurst, Odyssey and Ainsworth families in need to help them through the weekend.

We meet on Friday mornings at 8 AM in the cafeteria to fill the bags. Join us whenever you can!

More ways you can help

  • Join us to help fill bags.
  • Bring us your paper bags in good condition (drop them off in the office). 
  • Can you write grants?  We are always looking for someone to seek out and write grants.
  • We are looking for volunteers to Coordinate the following:
    • Monthly Non-perishable Good pick up from Grocery Outlet in Beaverton. We are looking for additional people to pick up nonperishable food 1 Thursday a month before 2 PM and bring it to school the following Friday morning for us to unload.

All ideas are always welcome. Every year this program gets better as we make changes when people bring in new ideas.

Please contact Rachel Dvorsky with questions or to get involved.