Hayhurst sent 11 kids to compete in four different divisions at the Lincoln Chess Tournament on February 3.

Congratulations to our U600 squad (Seriah, Evan, Colton, Kai, and Tate) who won second place team, with Seriah and Evan also winning awards with impressive plus scores in their first rated tournament. Every one of our novices scored at least one victory.

The U800 group (Murphy, Annika, Sam, Jasper, and Benjamin) ran into stiff competition, but still managed to take first place team awards thanks to Murphy’s outstanding perfect score and first place individual result. Benjamin, fresh off a 1st place victory at the Silver Knights Quads, earned a plus score in his first time in the intermediate division. Jasper, also new to intermediate, earned the point that separated Hayhurst from the 2nd place team. Annika withdrew due to illness in the first round.

Josh (U1000) and Pace (U1300) were alone in their divisions. Josh snagged an upset in round four, while Pace earned a plus score, winning his first three games before dropping the last two.

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