Hayhurst Chess Club

Hayhurst Chess Club is open to students of all abilities, whether they are learning the rules for the first time or striving to win state championships. There is no fee to join.

All interested students (including returning students) must register every year (find registration details below).

In addition to weekly practices, all students have access to the ChessKid Gold Curriculum. There will be ample opportunities to play in local and state tournaments for students interested in competition. Last year several students brought home individual and team awards!

Program fees: FREE. The club is supported by Chess for Success, Hayhurst PTA, and its own fundraising via the Hayhurst Halloween Chess Tournament, which has grown to one of the largest scholastic tournaments in the state.

Contact: Chad Lykins

2019-2020 School Year

USCF National Master and two-time Oregon State Champion Matt Zavortink will join Coach Chad Lykins and Faculty Sponsor Joseph Swake to lead the club.

Register by returning this form to the classroom teacher or to the office by Friday, September 6th, of by completing the online registration form here

Practice Schedule
Location: Classroom TBA
Time: 2:15-3:15 PM
Dates: Wednesday, September 11th (1st and 2nd grades) and Thursday, September 12th (3rd, 4th, and 5th grades). Practices continue on Wednesdays for lower grades and Thursdays for upper grades.

Register Today - 2019-2020 School Year

All interested students (including returning students) must register by returning this form to the classroom teacher or to the office.

Hayhurst Chess Club Updates

Hayhurst Chess Club Fall 2021 Registration

Hayhurst Chess Club has its first practice of the school year on September 15! We are meeting online on Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm. Despite everything, we had great participation last year and we hope for the same this year. Registration available at...

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Spring 2021 Registrations for Hayhurst Chess Club Now Open

Lessons Chess Club lessons start next week. Each lesson is 60 minutes of instructor-facilitated lessons and games. Lessons take place via Zoom and Lichess. Lesson consist of a mix of the following: Achievements: Celebrating development milestones for each playerGame...

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Hayhurst Chess Club Fall 2020 Registration

Hayhurst Chess Club is accepting applications for Fall 2020/2021. We are open to students of all abilities, whether they are learning the rules for the first time or striving to win state championships. All interested students (including returning students) must...

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Chess Club Guidelines for Behavior

Just like during the school day Chess Club is guided by the PBIS expectations that keep our school safe and positive!

Be Safe:

  • I always come straight to chess club and check in.
  • I walk in the library and the halls.
  • I don’t throw chess pieces.
  • I won’t leave chess club without checking with Ms. Jones or Coach Chad.

Be Respectful:

  • I remember that chess is a thinking game so I keep my voice level at a 1 or 2.
  • I listen to the chess lesson.
  • I always demonstrate good sportsmanship (no insults or put-downs).
  • I win with grace and lose with dignity.
  • I play with any partner and will be friendly and cooperative.

Be Responsible:

  • I get an adult if there is a dispute that my opponent and I can’t resolve peacefully.
  • I treat the chess sets with care and will reset the board before I put it away to make sure all the pieces are there.
  • I clean up after myself in the library.
  • I follow the rules of chess, including touch-move.
  • I play my own game and don’t interfere with other people’s games