Hello Hayhurst Community,
We are looking for a few adults to help out with playing structured games with kids on the playground during big-kid recess after lunch.
Big kid recess is daily from around 11:45-12:15. Vice Principal Dawn Schlegel is in charge during recess, and Julie Nelson (parent) is helping to coordinate parent-supervised structured games with the kids. The goal is for parents to play WITH the kids, rather than just supervise. The kids love it, and it is promoting good sportsmanship and harmony on the playground, and thereby supporting our kiddos, our teachers and school staff. Win-win-win. We just need more parent volunteers.
You don’t have to commit regularly – it can be a one time thing, every now and then or regularly if you’re able.
If you would like to be a part of playground fun and help out our school (thank you in advance!), please see below for the procedure. As a reminder, all volunteers at Hayhurst need to have completed the PPS background check, which truly takes about a minute. Here is the link to the PPS Volunteer background check: https://apps.pps.net/volunteermanagement/
For more information about volunteering on the playground at recess, please see below.

If you have more questions, please contact Julie Nelson or Vice Principal Dawn Schlegel.

Thank you for supporting Hayhurst!!