Do you want to or are you already donating to the school or PTA through your company?

We have just realized that it is not clear through many companies that donating to the PTA or the school and getting that donation matched by your company is an option.

Both the school and the PTA are 501(c)(3) organizations. Intel, PGE, Nike and others may have options for donations that would be matched!

You can help us with data gathering!
1) Find out what program your company uses – Benevity or Your Cause or another program
2) Find out if donations to Hayhurst Elementary AND Hayhurst PTA are both options
3) Find out if your company will MATCH those donations
4) Find out if your company will given funds for volunteer hours
5) Let us know that you are donating – to either the school or PTA- and we will double check that the money actually gets to our school/PTA.

We want to have a list of which companies offer these services so that we can put the call out each year for donations. I am also working out details on what the money to the school will pay for versus the PTA and will have more info forthcoming. We want you to continue to donate (or START to donate) and for that money to be used in the best way possible to help our entire school community!

Please send your donation information to Jenn Aubert at or Kirsten Carr at