Welcome back, everyone! The Garden Committee with the help of volunteers has been working hard over the summer to care for our school green spaces. Thank you so much, volunteers!! 

Due to limitations with the Pandemic, we are scaling back some of our offerings like all student Garden Tours, after school Garden Club and on-site committee-led educational projects. However, as always, we are committed to caring for and maintaining our space and will continue this great work for our school and community throughout the year.

Here’s what’s happening this season:

  • The Mini Pumpkins that were planted by first graders last spring will be given to Kindergarten and first grade students for Pumpkin Science. We will supplement our numbers by purchasing from local farmers. 
  • The Hayhurst Unity Garden beds will be transitioned into cover crops for winter.
  • New and improved signage in our Nature Courtyard will be added to help identify plants and plant islands.
  • The front landscaping will continue to be improved upon with plant replacement and additions.
  • Maintenance in the courtyard and out front will be ongoing as we prune, weed and rake leaves.
  • Mason Bee Clinic and Cocoon Harvest- October (Date, Time, Location TBD)

The Garden Committee is always open to new members. Join the team and come grow with us!

For more details contact Nadya Burchette at burchetten@gmail.com