Check out this story from Safari West about our Hayhurst 2nd grader Desmond – A Conservation Hero.

Fennecs are incredible creatures; the smallest of canids, a desert animal that thrives throughout the Sahara region. Tiny, and sporting enormous ears, these foxes inspire coos of adoration from all who see them. As it turns out, they worked their magic on Desmond as well.

Following his time with us, Desmond returned home and began to teach his friends, family members, and classmates about the desert foxes he’d met as Safari West. His toy fennec fox (appropriately named Foxy) became the class mascot. And when the Tubbs fire broke out and forced the evacuation of Safari West, Desmond became our unofficial representative, scouring our newsfeeds and keeping his class up to date with the latest.

By the time Desmond’s family got in contact with us, he had raised over $500!  This incredible and generous donation was humbly accepted by the Safari West Wildlife Foundation. As the Foundation’s mission centers entirely on youth education and wildlife conservation, they couldn’t be more excited to learn about Desmond.”

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