The Hayhurst Garden Committee wishes you all a Happy New Year and is committed to maintaining and improving our garden, courtyard, and the general landscape of Hayhurst. This year we have plans to rebuild the garden beds, restore the plants in the sensory barrels, and begin phase 1 of our beautification project. 
Our garden committee consists of parents and community members that share an interest and passion for plants, gardening, garden education, and maintaining our space. Our committee is always open to new members and we welcome you to join us! If you would like to become involved or become a garden committee member, please email Mike Patterson or Nadya Burchette.

Hayhurst Beautification Project: The Hayhurst Garden Committee has long held a vision to bring beauty to the front of our school by updating the landscape. 

Our goals and some benefits for the re-landscaping of the school front include:

  • Create a more welcoming environment with the addition of tree, shrubs, flowers, and ornamental grasses to bring year-round color which will foster emotional well being
  • Add to the school’s opportunities for kids to learn about biodiversity and ecology
  • Create an environment of interest and perhaps wonder with informational signage that will include ecological and environmental purposes.
  • Expand our habitat for birds and pollinators
  • Lead by example front yard alternatives to lawns
  • Become a continuing source of community pride and a perhaps a place to gather and share

In order to be successful, we have created this project to be accomplished in several phases over the next few years.  We are pleased to announce that phase 1 has begun with site preparation and design planning. We currently have funding to begin phase 1 and will be adding some trees and plants over the next 12 months. As our project develops we will need more school and community support with both volunteerism and finances. The attachments show the project areas for the 3 phases and we will keep you updated on progress and future needs.