Play.Fit.Fun (which offers an after-school program at Hayhurst) is offering a No School Day Camp on November 3rd. Here are the details from Spencer Rubin, Head Coach/President.
  • Full Day Slots:  $40 per student (5-hours and over)
  • Half Day Slots:  $25 per student (Under 5 hours)
  • Camp Hours:  8am-5pm
  • LOCATION:  ROSE CITY FUTSAL/NEARBY AT:  10831 SW Cascade Ave/Tigard/97223 (This is right off the Greenburg Rd. exit of 217)
  • We have 2 very large athletic/futsal courts to run all of our PFF Kids Action Games & Activities.
  • Kids have A BLAST at our camps!!
If you work, sign the kids up so you don’t have to miss a day of work!!
If you are an at home parent, sign the kids up so they can be active, have fun, socialize, make new friends, etc…!
If you would like to enroll your kid(s)…simply email me and let me know.
NOTE:  There is also no school the following Friday, November 10th…so if you want to enroll for both camps, let us know.

For questions and to sign up: Spencer Rubin971-732-4745