Dear Hayhurst Community,

It is hard to believe that is is already the end of October!  The school year feels like it is really flying by!  Teachers are getting ready for conferences (November 8 and 9th) please be sure to sign up for a time slot so that you can have a one on one time with your child’s teacher. The weather is changing, and everyone seems excited for Halloween.

Last week we practiced our Earthquake drill at school, students did a great job of listening to their teachers, getting under the desks, and quietly waiting for the all clear to sound before they got up to move around. Then we went outside for a fire drill.  On the late opening morning, we had three families (The Nelson’s, The Dvorsky’s and The Huber’s) who came in early and gathered all of the orange emergency buckets in the building, and restocked them with the updated supplies provided by the district. Every classroom and office now has its own updated safety bucket. Thank you to the three families for keeping us safe!

Please be sure to send your child to school with a labeled jacket every day. As the weather is changing and getting cooler, we still send students outside for recess, but a jacket is a necessity.  If you are missing some clothing in your house…our lost and find buckets are over flowing. Stop by the school and hopefully find some missing items that belong to you!

The month of November is filled with lots of days out of school, please be sure to take note so that you do not send your child to school on a non school day.

  • November 3 teacher planning day
  • November 8 and 9 Parent-teacher conferences
  • November 10 Veterans day
  • November 22-24 Thanksgiving break

The week of October 30-November 2 is SPIRIT week… show your spirit and let’s have fun!

  • Monday, October 30th…crazy sock day
  • Tuesday, October 31st ..Orange and Black day  (no costumes please)
  • Wednesday, November 1…candy crash day..Crazy hair and pajamas
  • Thursday, November 2nd ….Sports gear day..favorite sports team

Thanks for making this a great start to the year!  Lots of learning, lots of growing, lots of fun!!

Happy Fall!

Deanne Froehlich