Check out the new Buddy Bench for the playground!

Hayhurst Buddy bench

Thank you to everyone who supported this project at the school auction. A special thank you to our local artists, @Uplift_Murals and @DanielleChiart.

Many of our teachers are teaching the Buddy Bench concept to the kids and the library now has a book resource too. It would also be great if parents could reinstate the concept with their children.

What’s a Buddy Bench?

The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. The bench will help spread the message of inclusion and kindness.

How Does It Work?

Kids who don’t have anyone to play with…sit on the bench. Children at the school are taught to recognize that kids sitting on the bench are looking for a friend. Children are encouraged to ask kids on the buddy bench to play. If your on The Buddy Bench…you must say yes to anyone who asks you to play.

Checkout the New Book in the Library: “The Buddy Bench”

Contact: Nicole Lauzon.