During the year I find ways to showcase our amazing artistic talent at Hayhurst. Sunny’s Yogurt Shop and Driftwood Coffee Shop kindly give me a wall in which I rotate student artwork all year. My hope is to get every student’s art on at least one of those locations during the year. 

This week I hung student artwork at the BESC, also known as the PPS district office at 501 N Dixon Street. This special show is for all the art programs in the Wilson Cluster, showing the skills from the young students in elementary school, to the talents of high school students. The artwork will be on display there from October 14th to January 13th. 

There will be a special reception honoring the chosen students on next Wednesday, October 23 from 4:30-6:00pm. 

Congratulations to the following students who will have their beautiful work on display: Clare Dawson 5th, Xander Pitzman 5th, Azalea Fisque 5th, Zoe Rassmusen 5th, Harper Schwindt 3rd, Lily Dawson 3rd, Owen Lee 3rd, Ronen Kirschner 3rd, Quincy Firestone 2nd, Anya Roller 1st, and Ruby Cellan 1st.

Debra Crawford