Grades K-5: Resources for beginning readers!

Multnomah County Library has kits for kids who are learning to read! These Welcome to Reading Kits are at four levels: Starting Out (yellow), Building Skills (blue), Reading More (red), and On My Own (green). Each color-coded bag contains 5 fun books and an information sheet on how to determine your child’s reading level, how to order more kits, and other activities you can do to help your child become a stronger reader. Check out the Learning to Read is Fun blog post for more about beginning readers and links to four leveled reading lists.

If you are in a Multnomah County Library during March, please fill out a survey and let us know how the Reader section reorganization is working and what else the library can do to support you and your beginning reader.

Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12:  Dyslexia Resources

If your student has reading challenges, you may want to consider whether they have a form of dyslexia. Dyslexia is a neurological difference often characterized by difficulty reading, writing and/or spelling. One of the biggest challenges for people with dyslexia is low self-esteem. Early identification and help are very important! With the right help, people with dyslexia CAN learn to read, write & spell. In addition to talking with the your child’s teacher, Multnomah County Library has a topic guide to help you. Go to and search for “Uncovering Dyslexia” or follow the link. The topic guide and its accompanying booklist, provides a brief overview of things to look for, local resources for assessment, and websites where you can learn more. In addition to these resources, the OverDrive app and its newer Libby app feature two dyslexic font options:  OpenDyslexic or OpenDyslexic Bold. If you read ebooks on a computer, you also have a dyslexic font option.  Log into your Overdrive account, go to settings, and click on the dyslexic font box under Display Options