Forgive me if this was not clear before. The items are for creating together in live classes. If you have already painted the husky head, no problem! You may be asked to paint on the other side as well. They will hang on the fence, all going the same direction, so it is important we go over the best side to paint.

Thank you volunteers for help with the Art Supply pick-up

A giant thank you to all the folks that cut, spooled, arranged, chopped, packaged, painted, and handed out art supplies for over 300 kids on Friday. I could not have done it without you!

Special thanks to Mardi and Sue (Hayhurst Neighborhood/Community members), Beth, Ellie and June Mitchell, Kim Hennessy, Jen Pezzimenti, Nell Boswick, Julie Knapp, Cynthia Varady, Emily & Greg Hubert, Rachel Davorsky, Jen Zwartverwer, Orit Ofri, my husband, Mrs. Turley, Mrs. Biehl, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Winkler, Kathy Lee, and Beth Kelley.

Debi Crawford
Hayhurst Elementary Art Specialist