This is a reminder to anyone interested in advocating for modernized high schools throughout PPS. Board members need to hear from us and now is the time. If the three remaining high schools,  Wilson, Jefferson, and Cleveland, are not included on the 2020 Bond, or any one of them is left off, the next bond will have to wait until 2028, at the earliest.

Please email the 7 Board members and let them know that you expect them to keep the promise that’s been made, to rebuild the three remaining schools, and to ensure that all our high schoolers, current or future, have a chance to learn in modernized facilities.  Moore (, DePass, ( and Brim-Edwards ( especially need to hear from us.

When emailing the Board, briefly introduce yourself and then you can ask to “Please include all three remaining high schools in the upcoming 2020 Bond.” You can add further details about why this matters to you, or just keep it simple.

If you’d like to contribute further, please attend and/or sign up to make a public comment during one of the upcoming meetings.  This is an especially effective way to get our message across.  Here are some upcoming opportunities:

  • District Board Meeting, Mar. 3, at 6:00 
  • School Improvement Bond Committee, Mar. 12, 4:30 – 6:00
  • District Board Meeting, Mar. 17, 6:00 

We do not have much time left before the 2020 Bond package is finalized.  Please make your voices heard and help us ensure that PPS high schools are modernized. 

Please do share this info with your friends and neighbors and post on Facebook groups, NextDoor, etc. Every voice helps!

Click Here for the original message from Erica Caldwell, Business Manager at Wilson High School.