Thank you to all of the families who made the effort to come to collect supplies at school last week. One of the items you should have collected was a sketchbook for your student/s. If you could please help me by reminding your child to have that at the ready for live art classes. It has been so fabulous to have so many of your children tuning in with me!

Lastly, when the art class is finished, if the sketchbook could be placed in the same location every time, your student will know where it is for the next class. The booklet will be used A LOT this year so I hope to keep track of it and have it ready. In general, save the sketchbook for art classes. An occasional extra drawing created by your son or daughter inside is fine, but please save most of the pages.

Thank you!
Mrs. Crawford
*if you have not received your sketchbook and need one, please email me