Thank You for Joining The Hayhurst Foundation Party Boards

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the Foundation Party Boards over the summer and this weekend. 
Last weekend’s party boards were incredibly fun, plus, we all met new Hayhurst parents and raised money that will pay for staff positions beyond PPS’s budget. We’d like to truly thank all of you who participated–especially those new to the school–for your donation and party spirit. This one is from us and on behalf of Sarah Pitzman, Caitlin Spears, and Kirsten Carr. 

Join the Foundation Meeting On Wednesday to Help Do More for Our School

On Wednesday, September 28 at 4 PM, we’ll have our first Hayhurst Foundation monthly meeting for the year to brainstorm and plan more ways to fundraise for the school. The meeting is open to the community and we’d love to see you. The meeting this Wednesday will be at Orit’s house. Please email Orit to RSVP. Light snacks provided. 

Foundation monthly meetings are usually in person on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The meeting starts at 4 PM to accommodate Tara and Caitlan’s schedule. We know not everyone can make it this early, so please feel free to join us after 5 PM if that’s what your schedule allows. 

Looking for More Fun? There’s Another Party Board!

On Saturday, October 15, we’re going to Willamette Winery for a tour and tasting. Tickets are $65. Transportation has been arranged and is included in the price (though you can drive yourself if you like). We’re trying to up the fun in a couple of ways, so stay tuned for details on that. 

The Foundation Team Would Love to Hear From You

Please contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions, offers to help and whatever else you want to share. These are new grounds for our school community, and we appreciate all the support from parents, guardians, teachers, and community members.

Thank you,
Jennifer Zwartverwer and Orit Ofri
Hayhurst Foundation Chair and Treasurer