Portland Parks and Recreation is working on a new trail that will follow the route of an old streetcar. The Red Electric Trail will eventually connect the Fanno Creek Trail (via Oleson Road) to the waterfront. The next phase in the project is to design the segment of the trail that will run from Shattuck Road to behind Pendleton Park and the school; see the map below. Portland Parks and Rec will begin to engage the public in the design process early next year.  Before that process can start, planners need a clearer picture of the project area: its topography, trees, and connections. This work will happen starting October 17th.

Notification of Closure:The informal trails (part of the “Red Electric Trail”) located behind Hayhurst Elementary School will be closed from October 24-27. Please use alternate routes. At the request of the PTA and families (and thanks to Portland Parks & Rec), the Pendleton Park trail will remain open at the times that families will walk to and from school.

From October 17th through 27th, contractors with Portland Parks & Recreation will clear nuisance trees and hazardous under story limbs, deadwood, and vines. A survey crew will measure the area to help us understand the site’s topography and create a foundation for the trail’s future design. There may be intermittent trail closures as final tree work and surveying takes place from October 31st through mid-December.

For more information, updates, or to get involved go to: portland.gov/parks/ret.
For questions contact Project Manager, Lora Lillard at: lora.lillard@portlandoregon.gov | 503-200-9924