Looking to Get Involved Next Year?

Have you been wondering how you can volunteer at Hayhurst but …

✔️ You’re not available during school hours due to work or other responsibilities.

✔️ You don’t want a forward-facing role or to run events.

✔️ Or, you simply want to have the flexibility to do a meaningful job but in the comfort of your own living room.

Be behind the scenes contributing IMMENSELY in this much-needed role as Treasurer of the Hayhurst PTA.

The role manages the budget and all the money that comes in and goes out through the PTA. It is a BIG role but it isn’t overly complicated.

No, you DON’T need an accounting degree or any prior finance experience. We are happy to get you up to speed. The software we use is very easy.

We are desperate to fill this role because my two terms are up at the end of the school year.

We really want someone to commit soon so I can train them now and make this a super smooth transition.

The PTA and all our PTA activities CANNOT run without this role. It’s crucial to allow our kiddos to continue to have all the benefits that come from this highly active parent group.

Please contact me directly via email to explore or chat.

Jenn Aubert, Hayhurst PTA President