Exciting Music news for all Hayhurst Students! World famous local reggae musician, Aaron Nigel Smith will be doing a virtual music residency for Hayhurst students – free to everyone and all Hayhurst students are invited to participate. The program is funded with Hayhurst’s Run for the Arts Funds.

About the Class

Students will explore music through songs and rhythms from around the world.  Students will sing folk songs, play West African rhythms, and identify basic music symbols. 

The music residency will begin the week of March 29th for students and run through the end of May.  Mondays will be Grades K-2 starting at 3pm  and Wednesdays will be Grades 3-5 starting at 3pm. 

Links to join via Google Meet are shared via email and classroom communication.

This Program Is Paid for with Hayhurst’s Run for the Arts Funds 

This program is free to everyone and all Hayhurst students are invited to participate in this music residency program.  

These music classes are paid for with the money we collected over the years in Run for the Arts. The funds also sponsor author visits and the husky heads project and other art related activities at the school.