Whew, we made it to Winter Break! If you’re wondering how you’ll keep the kids entertained over the break, we have some great suggestions for you.:

  • A link to an author/illustrator’s website who has some great story starters and drawing activities for kids of all ages. https://jarrettlerner.com/activities/
  • A makerspace website with e-books and activities for go with them – from coding to kazoos to origami. https://bit.ly/30rION7
  • Look for a Winter Break Reading Bingo in your child’s backpack for some fun reading challenges or download it from the link. https://bit.ly/3IJevmx

Maybe you’d enjoy some of these activities too – I will definitely be reading in a blanket fort over the break so I can cross that off my bingo card!Wishing you a relaxing break with lots of reading, The Library Ladies