As you may know, school supplies at Hayhurst are provided by the PTA and await the kids in the classroom on their first day of school (which in addition to being convenient, also translates into a lot less waste). Field trips for all students are also sponsored by the PTA, so there’s no need to write a check for every field trip and everyone gets to go if they want. The PTA also organizes events, runs the food bags program, supports classroom enrichment activities and tools, and much more.

To donate to the PTA using a credit card or a PayPal account, please click here. The minimum annual suggested donation is $20/student which covers the cost of PTA sponsored school supplies for the year. To cover school supplies and field trips this year, it’s $50/student, and so on (it’s in the form). You can donate as little as $10 with the form (it all adds up!) and as high as however much you want.

If you’ve been saying, I wish I could make a one-time donation and forget about all these runs, and flower sales, and auctions, and all these things, then this form is for you!

And if making a donation is just not going to work, that’s fine, we have all these runs, and flower sales, and auctions, and all these things, coming up. Join us then. Or don’t. Do what you can. It all counts and it all adds up.

To learn more about fundraising at Hayhurst, please visit our website.

More on this coming this month. Thanks for your support!

Questions/Comments? Please contact Orit Ofri.