What is SCRIP?

With SCRIP you can purchase gift cards for your everyday and special occasion shopping and Hayhurst gets a donation from the vendors.

The concept is simple: our school purchase gift certificates, or scrip, from local retailers at a discount, which the retailers are happy to give because they’re guaranteeing themselves customers and some goodwill advertising. Parents then buy the gift certificates from the school at face value. The difference in price is kept by the school. Parents spend the scrip at the retailer, where it’s worth the full face value; they haven’t spent an extra dime to help the school, nor have they had to change stores.

We made over $5,000 for the school in 2016-17! Join us and Support Hayhurst every time you shop!

Order Forms go home with students, are emailed out, posted on the Hayhurst Facebook group. This Scrip order form has no dates and will be good for most of the year.

How Scrip Works

1. Fill out the order form
2. Do the math and write a check to Hayhurst PTA
3. Place your order form and check in the PTA Lock box in the office by end of school Monday
4. Pick up your order on Friday Morning– at the PTA Coffee Cart from Tom Carr
or contact Tom to make other arrangements tomauto10@yahoo.com
5. Go use your gift cards!


More Ways to Support Hayhurst While You Shop

Other ways your regular shopping can help Hayhurst:
Fred Meyer – register your rewards and chose Hayhurst as your Charity – the more people we have, the more Fred Meyer will donate. https://www.fredmeyer.com/account/communityrewards/enroll
Escrip – Online shopping mall www.escrip.com
Amazon smile 0.5% on purchase– you MUST shop through www.amazon.smile.com


Scrip Due Dates 2018-19

Scrip orders are due Mondays:

September 10
October 15
November 5 
November 26
December 10
January 7
January 28
February 25
March 18
April 15
May 6
June 3

Orders will be ready for pick up on Friday of the same week.