Place your order and check in the PTA lock box on the office counter. Order form attached here.

We had 11 orders on September 16th earning $180 for Hayhurst. All you do is purchase a gift card that you will use and the Merchant gives Hayhurst a percentage of your purchase price.

September 30th Challenge: Double down on Amazon

#1 Go to – and sign in using your normal Amazon login. bookmark this page and always shop Amazon from here. Click on “supporting” and choose Hayhurst Elementary PTA. 0.5% of your purchase will go to Hayhurst.

#2 Purchase Amazon Gift Cards through Scrip 2.25% of your Gift card purchase will go to Hayhurst – Load your gift card to your amazon account.

While 0.5% does not seem like a lot, Hayhurst has received over $1,400 in Amazon smile donations. If all of those purchases were made with Amazon Gift cards from Scrip Hayhurst would have received $6,300 more.

Find out more about Scrip here.

Find Your Order Form Here and Try Out Scrip!